A plunge into the RPA pool

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The new associate of Artificial Intelligence (AI) appearing in tech-news headlines is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).We all would agree to the fact that AI takes away the limelight in every technology related discussion, so it may be safely assumed that the humanity at large has assimilated the basic connotation of the term.

Augmented Reality, New or Old?

In this world obsessed with ‘give me more’ attitude, even stark reality has earned the status of being lackluster. Augmented reality seems to be the answer by the digital world to this ever excitement-hungry milieu.

m-Commerce in India ,Mobile phones

Mobile phones are being used widely for commerce in India now. However, industry pundits say that this is only the tip of the iceberg and m-commerce has only scratched the surface.

Will Users continue to pay for Mobile Apps

There’s a debate going on amongst the technology pundits – will users pay for mobile apps ? This is a very pertinent question for this multi billion dollar industry. Why would developers continue to invest money if they can’t make users pay for it.

The Most Important Mobile App Segments ,Mobile space

Mobile space is booming with the apps being offered to the users. There are billions of apps available in total if we consider all the platforms and around 90% of them are free. But which segments of apps are being used most widely.

Mobile Apps for Surveying , Conducting surveys

Conducting surveys online has become a very big industry. Online surveys offer many advantages over traditional paper based surveys. Conducting suveys over mobile devices can be even more advantageous in today’s context. They are much faster to conduct and the results are quickly available.