Product Engineering

Crafting innovation through cutting edge technology

At ThoughtSpheres, we take pride in creating ground-breaking products for Enterprise as well as Consumers. Our Product Engineering Team demonstrates next generation technology skills. Deep understanding of critical business processes and consumer behavior allows us to offer best possible platform/solutions with extraordinary ease. Our core competence lies in the following areas: Mobility, Cloud, Social Solutions & Analytics.

We undertake outsourced product design and development. Adopting a strictly professional approach TS collaborates with clients to build products across multiple domains to help them attain competitive advantage.


Request for Inspection

RFIGen is a Cloud based solution and a SaaS platform which can be used in a large scale Infrastructure Project to keep track of all the RFIs generated at different stages of a specific project. It helps all the stake holders (Contractor, PMC & Employer) of the project to keep a DIGITAL track of all the RFIs generated and monitor them. It reduces the manual effort to collate RFIs and the risk of losing them which in turn invites the revenue losses. RFIGen offers a user-friendly Dashboard across multiple industries to get the insight of the RFI status at a single glance. This platform has also augmented with Reporting & Data Analytics features.

RFIGen offers a cost effective solution with min. renewal fees and supports unlimited users over cloud platform.