Be the architect of a smart digital space

Innovative Approach

Yes we do transform the business environment through disruptive technologies. Gulping in new capabilities and throwing out inventive solutions is a norm at TS.

Extraordinary Growth Opportunity

If you have the fire then we let you ignite (not literally though).Anybody with great potential is bound to take flight here. (Taking flights for successful employees is quite literally possible)

Excellent Leadership Team

We have a strong and diverse leadership team who are but obviously exceptionally endowed; in addition to that they have a passion to foster the hidden talent as expected from true leaders.

Open & Transparent

At TS, we are open to feedback and transparent in our approach.So walk into our premises and you can expect a lot of open,peer to peer and associates to leadership team discussions. Can we say it is luck that yet we are able to deliver projects on schedule? ;)

Work Life Balance

We certainly can’t afford to ignore work life balance in this ‘we live life only once’ era. ‘Smart Work’ is what we strongly advocate while work from home flexibility is provided as and when required. Thanks to our employee engagement team recreation activities sometimes delay our departure timings

Equal Employment Opportunity

‘Equal Employment opportunity’ is the need of the hour and TS is bound to pitch in. We believe in skills and talent irrespective of the gender. Of course, the job aspirant/ employee is expected to prove one’s worth to grab the opportunities.

We look for smart, Industrious, ambitious and self-starter people who will never shy away from responsibilities,send in your resume at: