The exponential growth of mobile device adoption by the individuals and enterprises has made it an inevitable medium to bring humans, technology and security under one platform. Thus, a robust enterprise is obvious to seek mobile solutions for every business aspect which includes not only development of an attractive app rather integrated solutions to support key business transformation. TS offers cost effective unique mobile solutions to help organizations maximize their profit and streamline their processes.
• COE for Android, IPhone and Windows Apps Development
• J2ME and S40 Series API Practices
• Expertise in Hybrid Mobile Application technologies like PhoneGap, Xamarin etc
• Expertise in HTML5, Ionic Framework, React, AngularJS etc
• Concept to Design and Development of Mobile Apps and Games
• Mobile Apps Testing
• Mobile Analytics
• Expertise in Consumer and Enterprise Mobility
• Expertise in mobile payment solutions, retail and healthcare solutions

Augmented Reality

AR is one of the latest technologies which creates a bridge to connect the Physical World with Digital environment. Thoughtspheres (TS) is committed to bring this niche technology into limelight and turn it useful in gainful solutions. We are one of the few players in India who has expertise in this technology. TS have expert engineers on board who are dedicated to create cutting edge solutions for the customers over the world. TS is offering AR solutions on Android, IPhone and Nokia smart phones platform as well as AR for web enterprise applications.We hope to build ground breaking solutions on AR for airline, airport ,banking, real estate, education and healthcare sector.
• COE for the development of Image and Location Based AR applications
• Expertise on AR for Android, IPhone and Windows smart phones


IoT,the latest buzz of the internet world, connects smart objects to the Internet. The IoT is soon going to serve as a transformational tool which would turn a large number of enterprises into digital businesses.IoT shall act as a breeding ground for new business models,would ensure enhanced productivity and shall lead to creation of new modes of revenue generation.According to a study by Gartner, by 2020 , 25 billion Internet-connected things will to lead to generation of $2 trillion of economic benefit globally. ThoughtSpheres possess a thoroughly equipped and enthusiastic team for this most current segment thus proudly aspires to be competent carrier of such extraordinary growth which is sure to be witnessed by the IT world via IoT.

Web Platform

In the current digital world, websites are inevitable requirement for any organization.They create the first impression for the local and global clients thus have extended beyond few static templates. Businesses are looking for comprehensive websites which sometimes behaves like a transactional web application as well. Thoughtspheres (TS) is offering its expertise in designing and developing secure, reliable and scalable websites by understanding the customer’s nature of business and requirement. TS boasts of dealing with quite a few prestigious projects for Govt.,MNCs etc.

Our web platform offerings include,
• Open Source Tecnologies: PHP, JSP/Servlet
• Content Management: WordPress,Drupal,Joomla
• Ecommerce: Magento, Joomla
• Front End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, AJAX, JQuery, Bootstrap
• Security: SSL, Encryption
• Scripting Languages: Ruby on Rails , Python
• Frameworks: CodeIgniter,Yii,CakePHP,Laravel,Zend

Database Platform

Any business application in the world depends on Database technology. The relational DBMS is the modern base platform that uses as backend to store data and contents for any enterprise applications. TS has a highly experienced team in this vital domain with wide exposure in various Database Technology stacks. TS does provide data driven strategic insights to customers as well as develop scalable and robust Database solutions to meet high-performance applications.
• Database Support Database Architecture and Design
• Data Modeling
• Performance Tuning
• Database Administration

DW/BI Platform

A data warehouse/data mart represents historical data from different departments having different functions/operations across the domain in the corporate or enterprise. This is the process of extracting, integrating, aggregating, filtering, summarizing, cleansing, transforming and quality checking the organization applications data and storing it in a consolidated database. This database serves as the only source from which the management can access and retrieve information for significant decision-making.
Our DW and BI Group has experienced engineers, who have expertise in a range of DW and BI products and solutions, to come up with an optimal technical architecture and an implementation blue-print for their analytical and operational reporting requirements.
• Architecture and Design (ETL strategy)
• Data Modeling (OLTP and OLAP)
• OLAP Reporting
• Performance Tuning
• DW Support


This is the information age where its creation and collection of data has assumed vast proportions via technology. The beauty lies in leveraging the same for business analysis and critical management decision. TS’s Analytics team is proficient in meeting the challenges of effective management and productive analysis of the precious information thus offering economical, predictive and risk aversive solutions to optimally utilize the rich information assets.
• Expertise on various Models and Algorithms
• Analytics Methodology
• Data Exploration
• Expertise on Regression Techniques, Clustering, segmentation

Java/JEE Platform

We have a very strong and dedicated team in Java/Java EE platform. Wrapped with huge experience to handle complicated Enterprise Web Applications / Products under Java EE platform,TS Java team is focused on coding standards, architecture, design patterns and reusable frameworks owning excellent skills working in weblogic, websphere, Sun JavaEE, JBoss and Tomcat server.
• COE for java/Java EE Technologies and related open source frameworks
• Expertise in Java EE components like Servlet, JSP and EJB etc
• Strong Skills in JSF framework
• Expertise in third party open source frameworks like Struts, Spring and Hibernate
• Strong understanding of Java EE architecture and design patterns
• Expertise in OS GIS , SOA and Web Services
• Expertise in Agile Development Methodologies

Microsoft Platform

Microsoft .Net,the vast software environment and development framework assumes key focus at Thoughtspheres (TS). Our strong technical team in this domain conducts continuous training and support in order to build their capabilities, to impeccably meet client requirement and prospects executing POCs.
• Expertise in VB.Net, ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server etc
• Experience in .Net Architecture
• Experience in industry specific products and tools

Smart UI Platform

Technology makes better sense when it is well designed. Smart UI thus plays a vital role in turning technology more usable ,worthy and attractive. TS has a competent and dedicated UI and UX team which helps enterprises reinvent noteworthy aspects of their organization. We possess excellent team adept at creating Rich Internet Application (RIA) and desktop application. This team interacts with the customer from the initial stages of the project to have a clear and precise understanding of their expectation while interacting with the application. Then this team emerges with a very light weight scalable solution to produce an awesome user experience.
• Expertise in Reach Internet Applications(RIA)
• Expertise in Adobe Flex and GWT
• Strong knowledge of Adobe AIR development
• Expertise in AJAX and JQuery
• Good exposure to Tweeter Bootstrap
• Strong knowledge of HTML5, Sass , Coffe Script , Knockout , Node.js etc